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The Living Museum of the Golden Age 2013



The Museum of the Golden Age does not have a particular location nor does it address a single time period.  The Living Museum of the Golden Age or the L.M.G.A. is not in fact a single institution, but a franchise of entities around the world, which addresses and resolves psycho-spiritual problems of contemporary social complexity.  While there are a tremendous variety of methods among the groups, our mission is to facilitate cognitive balance within individuals and a deeply proscribed national/ethnic identity among groups.  Through the re-living of certain moments in a given history, our subjects, or “Protagonists”, gain great opportunities to master their internal conflicts by external enactments.  There is no role for the conventional psychologist as the historical event itself serves as therapist and contains its own schema of treatment parameters.

  • The Reconstruction of Dresden, 2013
  • Emperor Diocletian With His Cabbages, 2013
  • Native Australians Prepare for Their Performance, 2013
  • German Soldiers and Their Nurses visit the Viking Camp, 2013
  • It's Really Very Addictive, 2013
  • Thirst for the Double-Headed Eagle , 2013
  • Crest of the Living Museum of the Golden Age, 2013
  • Napoleon Rises From the Grave, 2013
  • At the Monument to the Revolution, 2013
  • Crimean War Protagonists, 2013
  • Partiots Make an Arrest, 2013
  • Towards Primitive Autonomy, 2013
  • Boys at the American Civil War Nostophilic Encampment, 2013
  • Crimean War Protagonist with his Son, 2013
  • The Construction of the Colossus of Hannibal, 2013
  •  The Re-storming of the Winter Palace, Petrograd, Russia, 1920, 2013
  • Friederich Barbarossa (1121 - 1190) and his Resurections (1284, 1846), 2013
  • Bavarian, Goth and Huns at a Beer Barrel, 2013
  • Samurai in Yosemite National Park, 2013
  • Friedrich Wilhelm I of Prussia and his Army of Giants, 2013
  • The Battle of Kosovo (1389, 1448, 1995), 2013
  • Adamites and a Pile of Their Victims, 2013
  • Vestal Virgins, Springfield Illinois, 2013
  • Barbarrian, Bavarian and a Viking in a Bar, 2013
  • Roman and Napoleonic Soldiers, 2013
  • Boy With Attila the Hun, 2013